The Warsaw Uprising

As of the 1st August 2016 an exhibition commemorating the insurrectionary fights for the PWPW was presented on the fence surrounding the Printer.

The exhibition consisting of 35 pictures "Within the range of the PWPW – August 1944" was developed in cooperation with the Military Historical Office.

The exhibition takes one to the times of insurrectionary Warsaw. The message is focused mainly on the history of the PWPW building, its employees, inhabitants and defenders, as well as on the closest vicinity of the Polish banknote Printer – i.a. the vicinity of the following streets: Zakroczymska, Sapieżyńska, Bonifraterska, Franciszkańska, Muranowska, Freta, the New Town Market. The exhibition has been symbolically split into five themes:

Insurgents – outlined persons, who had particularly distinguished themselves in the history of the insurrectionary PWPW – i.a. Hanna Petrynowska "Rana", Juliusz Kulesza "Julek", major Mieczysław Chyżyński "Pełka".

Barricades – photographs of barricades built spontaneously by the inhabitants of Warsaw and trenches against tanks, which made difficult shelling the insurgents' positions by the enemy.

Battle – pictures of PWPW and other facilities of the Old Town at the time of the Uprising.

District of graves and rubble – the view of Warsaw just after the fall of the Uprising.

Sea of ruins – photographs documenting the dramatically destroyed Old Town (about 90 percent of the buildings in the district) one year after the Warsaw Uprising.

Exhibitions – the Warsaw Uprising 2016

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